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Metropolitan Sofia
About Metropolitan

Metropolitan is owned by Sofia Municipality and serves the rapid rail transport – the metro in Sofia. Its main purpose is to provide quick and safe transport for passengers. Activity of the operator - Metropoliten JSC - is oriented to investors’ control over design and construction of the new metro sections; operation and performing transport services as well as maintenance of the built sections. Metropoliten JSC has introduced and applies into practice a system of quality...

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Благодарствено писмо от еврокомисар Булц

Имаме честта да публикуваме полученото електронно писмо от еврокомисар по транспорта Виолета Булц. На 24.03.2017 г. тя посети метростанция Eвропейски съюз и Сердика II, част от централния участък на Линия 2, финансирана чрез Оперативна програма „Транспорт” 2007-2013 г., и...

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