History of Metro Extensions

History of Metro Extensions

Construction of the Sofia Metro has started from the busiest first metro diameter where the largest passenger flows are formed reaching 38 thousand passengers in peak hours (at maximal estimations).

On 28.01.1998 was commissioned the first section of the First diameter of the metro which had 5 stations and lenght of 6.5 km, from "Slivnitsa" boulevard through "Lyulin" RD to "K. Velichkov" boulevard. On 17.09.1999 was commissioned the metro station "Opalchenska", and on 31.10.2000 - station "Serdica" at "Sv. Nedelya" square - the total length of the route of the first metro radius comes to 8.1 km with 7 stations. On 20 April 2003 the operating section was connected to Obelya RD through a new section which was 1.8 km long. Thus the total length of the first metro radius from Obelya RD through Lyulin RD to Sv. Nedelya sq. has reached 10 km and 8 stations.


  K. Velichkov station

  Serdica station

In 2005 has started the construction of the section from "Sv. Nedelya" sq. to Vasil Levski Stadium, and a bit later has started the construction of the track from Vasil Levski Stadium to Interpred. Total length of these sections comes to 4.8 km and 3 stations. The central section of this route is 2.3 km long with 2 metro station and was financed through a loan of Sofia Municipality by the Japanese Bank of International Cooperation, and the rest of it - 2.5 km with 1 station - by local financing.

Station Vasil Levski Stadium

Juliot Currie station

In order to provide connection of more eastern residential complexes (Izgrev, Darvenitsa, Musagenitsa and especially Mladost) with the center of the city and to cmplete the main part of the first metro diameter "Lyulin - Mladost" in 2006  has started the construction of section "Interopred - Mladost І” which is 3.2 km long and has 3 stations.

This construction was completed in 2009 and the eastern metro radius - 8 km long with 6 stations - was put into operation on 08.09.2009, and the total length of the lines has reached 18 km with 14 stations.


SU St. Kliment Ohridski station

Since 2009 has started the construction of the major Sofia Metro Extension Project after it was included in the Operational Programme Transport 2007–2013 through predominating financing by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) of the European Union, with local co-financing. It comprises of construction of Line 2 and significant extension of Line 1 of the Sofia Metro, divided into three stages (phases).

First Stage includes the route "Nadezhda Overpass - Central Railway Station - Sv. Nedelya sq. - NDK - Cherni Vrah blvd.” 6.4 km long with 7 stations. In 2010 has started the construction of the Second Stage divided into two lots: Lot 1 "Obelya RD - Nadezhda RD - Nadezhda Overpass” with length of 4.2 km and 4 stations, supply of 12 trains and extension of the deport for servicing of the rolling stock of the new sections; Lot 2 "Mladost І RD - Mladost ІІІ - Tsarigradsko Shose blvd.” 2.2 km long with 2 stations and supply of 6 trains. Total length of the section from these two stages which were completed in 2012 comes to 13.5 km with 13 stations, and the total length of the metro lines comes to 31 km and 27 stations.

STAGE І was officially commissioned on 31.08.2012.

Lavov Most station

European Union station

STAGE ІІ: Lot 1 was officially commissioned on 31.08.2012. 

Nadezhda station

Lomsko Shose station

STAGE ІІ: Lot 1 was officially commissioned on 31.08.2012.

Mladost III station  

Tsarigradsko Shose station

On 02.04.2015 was commissioned the section of Line 1 extension - from MS "Tsarigradsko Shose" to MS "Sofia Airport". This section represents Lot 1 from Stage III of the Project, financed by OP Transport 2007-2013. It is 5 long and has 4 metro stations.

Druzhba station

Sofia Airport station

Lot 2 - which is the second section included into this Stage is the extension of Line 1 from Mladost I RD to the Business Park in Mladost IV RD which is 2.7 km long with 3 stations. This section was commissioned on 08.05.2015.

Vitosha station

The last completed and commissioned section is the extension of Line 2 from MS James Bourchier to MS Vitosha, which comprises of one station and 1,3 km of track. This section was officially commissioned on 20.07.2016.