Beli Dunav metro station

Put into operation on August 31-st 2012. 


Beli Dunav station is located at the intersection of Lomsko Shose blvd. with Beli Dunav street. It is underground – having three underground levels, and at the first one, besides the entrance concourse, is located a parking lot.


The station has side platforms – 105 meters long and width of 4.05 meters and 4.10 meters from end platform to middle platform where are located the escalators to form a widening of 13.55 meters and a width of 8.30 meters to 5,35 m. In the remaining 41 m the platform width is 5.35 m.

The architectural design of the station and the surrounding area is worked out by arch. B. Sedmakov and arch. I. Derlipanska. 

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