Business Park metro station

Put into operation on May 8th 2015.

Location and architectural design

Business Park metro station starts at the intersection of Al. Malinov boulevard with Samara street at Mladost I RD and continues to the Business Park in Mladost IV RD, with two concourses on the first underground level (north and south), each having two entrances. On the first and the second underground level there is constructed a parking lot, access to which is provided by two external and one internal ramp. The parking also has a medial entrance/exit. On the third underground level is situated the station platform which is reached by stairs and escalators from the concourses areas. The southern concourse has also an elevator.

The architectural design of the station is dominated by simple rectangular figures in different sizes, made from a combination of granite and colored glass.

Architect: Farit Paktiaval.

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