European Union metro station

Put into operation on August 31-st 2012. 


The metro station is located under Cherni Vrah Blvd. between the Arsenalski Blvd. and the pedestrian underpass in front of the Earth and Man Museum.
The entrance concourses to the station are two: with entrances from the existing underpass at the Earth and Man Museum and through a newly built underpass, located at the intersection of the Arsenalski, St. Naum and Cherni Vrah boulevards.


The platform is an island type with a length of 104 m and a width of 10 m. The flooring is made of unpolished granite tiles. The walls are tiled with white and milky gray granite tiles. The two colors decoratively alternate each other, shaping the tiles in free natural forms. The light colors, round soft shapes and light contrast resemble "chasing" forest shadows. At places the panels are crossed by purple strips coming from the flooring and rising up to the ceiling as trunks of thin trees.

Architectural design: arch. Elena and Farid Paktiaval. 

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