G.M. Dimitrov metro station

Put into operation on May 8th 2009. 

Location and architectural design

After the railway overbridge of the route, covered with polycarbonate panels, it crosses G. M. Dimitrov blvd. subterraneous, where the station is situated at the same level with the underpass. The station is with two concourses located on the surface as well as an underground connection with the underpass of the boulevard. Because of its strategic location, passenger flows of more than 25 thousand people in rush hours are expected. It serves the residential districts of Musagenitsa, Dianabad, Studentski grad, as well as institutes and other places in the area nearby. It is styled with panels and flooring made of brown and beige granite and suspended etalbond ceilings above the platforms.

It is underground, shallow laid.

Platform length: 105 m.

Architect: arch. Kr. Andreev. 

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