Han Kubrat metro station

Put into operation on August 31-st 2012. 


Han Kubrat Metro Station is located at Lomsko Shose blvd., starting after the Suhodolska River and ending southeast between Ivan Murvichka and Mara Belcheva streets. The metro station is entirely underground, comprising of three underground levels. On the 1st level are located the two concourses and the pedestrian underpasses towards them; on the second – platforms and tracks, and the third one is for collectors.

The platforms are lateral – 100 m long and 4,10 m wide.

The metro station is accessible via two pedestrian underpasses to each concourse and through a pedestrian passage to the northwest concourse which goes on a bridge over the Suhodolska River and also from the intersection of Han Kubrat street with Lomsko Shose blvd. Accessibility of people with disabilities and wheelchairs is via elevators from “footbridge” level to “terrain” level; from the “terrain” level to “concourse - underpass” level and from “concourse” to “platform” level.

The architectural design of the station and the surrounding area is worked out by arch. S. Galabov. 

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