Iskarsko Shose metro station

Put into operation on April 2nd 2015.

Location and architectural design

Iskarsko Shose Metro Station starts at the intersection of Iskarsko Shose and Krastyu Pastuhov boulevards and ends at the Sofia-Plovdiv railway line. The total length of the metro station is 144 m and the tunnel section is 1825 m long.

Together with the metro station there have also been built underpasses which provide a safe crossing of the intersection and access to the southern concourse. To the north the station is connected to a 90-meter-long pedestrian underpass, passing under the railway. lines and connecting the station with the industrial area of Gara Iskar. The underpass and the exit to the new railway stop are equipped with a lift and escalators for boarding and alighting of passengers.

In the architectural planning and space spatial solution of the station is sought the maximum unification of the spaces of the concourses and platforms and creation of aesthetic underground urban environment with clear function and good communication. The architectural concept consist of linings and ceilings in violet and beige colour, and the floor made of reinforced granite tiles.

Architect: K. Kosev. 

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