Knyaginya Maria Luisa metro station

Put into operation on August 31-st 2012. 


Knyaginya Maria Luisa is underground station and is located in front of the 5th hospital, under Knyaginya Maria Louisa boulevard in the direction east-west. Two of the entrances of the station are located in the northern part of the boulevard, the other two are in the southern part. Entrances are also used as pedestrian underpasses.
The metro station has side platforms.


The platforms are laterally located. They are 105 m long and each is 4.30 m wide. Construction columns are situated in the axis of the rail tracks. Spaces that are public are implemented with suspended ceilings of the "Hunter Douglas" type with walls of polished granite tiles and floors of granite tiles in a suitable aesthetic combination.

The architectural design of the station and the surrounding area is worked out by arch. S. Yapici.

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