Lavov Most metro station

Put into operation on August 31-st 2012.


Lavov Most metro station is located under Knyaginya Maria Luisa boulevard just before the bridge of Lavov Most (Lion's Bridge). It is underground and consists of three floors – a platform, a concourse (which is only one on this station) and sub-levels with approaches coming from all four sides of the road intersection.


Lavov Most is a station with side platforms with a length of 105 m, and the width varies from 4.80 m to 5.80 m. In the architectural solution are used mainly beige tones. The location under the site of the same name is determining for the basic idea in shaping the interior and aesthetic design. Design of the platform’s walls symbolizes Lion Bridge. For the suspended ceiling were used 90 cm wide colored metal panels, and from the side of Serdika 2, where the height was lower, there was used a suspended ceiling with strips.

Architectural design: arch. S. Yapici.

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