Lyulin metro station

Put into operation on January 28th 1998.

The metro station is situated in the centre of Lyulin RD, surrounded by 5 micro complexes of the residential district. It is situated under the roadway of Tsaritsa Joanna blvd. There are local roadways for parking on both sides of the boulevard, between the entrances. The metro station is of column type, an island platform.


The interior layout is implemented by lining the walls with bright marble of Sandanski type, cut by vertical shaped aluminum lines. Advertising boards are put on the walls at equal distance one to another. The columns are lined in a similar way. The floor is covered by grey granite of Chernomorets type with purple benches placed axially.

The architectural design of the station is a work of arch. K. Bochkov and arch. B. Sedmakov – based on some elements from competing projects of the same authors.

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