Mladost 1 metro station

Put into operation on May 8th 2009. 

Location and architectural design

The station is situated between the intersection of Andey Saharov blvd. with Jerusalem str. in Mladost 1 RD and the market place on both sides of the boulevard in the direction of A. Malinov blvd. It is underground, with side platforms, shallowly laid. The platform is 105 m long above the section. The station is in blue with light yellow walls and floor. There are transverse arch-shaped components of suspended ceiling of Hunter Douglas type, reflecting the light. The station has two underground concourses, connected to the underpasses of the crossroad.

After this station the route of Line 1 has two branches – one to the airport and one to the Mladost 4 RD (Business park).

Architects: arch Elena and Farid Paktiaval.

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