Musagenitsa metro station

Put into operation on May 8th 2009. 

Location and architectural design

The station is fully above the ground, with platform length of 105 m. It is situated on Andrey Saharov blvd., close to an existing steel bridge. It has one concourse with entrance from the street under the bridge. The station is preliminary fixed and limited in functional scheme and dimensions by the already existing bridge and the necessity of connection between the two parts of Musagenitsa residential districr. The station is formed as a compact cylinder with an elliptic section, smoothly broadened in the central communication area.

The style of the station is unconventional, with its oval forms, open-work construction, fresh colors, and materials that create an effect of ease and lightness. Dynamic alteration of dense and transparent sections emphasizes movement, while the combination of transparent blue and yellow symbolizes the sky, the sun, the air and the light.

From outside the facade looks like a transparent blue-green tube, embraced by solid silvery rings. It is covered with polycarbonate panels with UV protection and varying degrees of transparency, double-sided aluminum siding with insulation, lighting fixtures with faceted reflectors, to protect passengers from the summer heat and the greenhouse effect.

Architects: arch. Elena and Farid Paktiaval; eng.-arch. Rumyana Kostadinova. 

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