Opalchenska metro station


The metro station is situated under Todor Aleksandrov blvd. between the intersection of Opalchenska str. and Hristo Botev blvd. The west concourse has 4 entrances at the intersection between Opalchenska str. and T. Aleksandrov blvd., while the east one has two entrances at the intersection of T. Aleksandrov blvd. and Strandzha str. The last stop of tram No. 20 is located nearby.


The platform and the concourses have a modern design. The platform is a non-column type. The floors are lined with ceramic panels in brown-beige and green colour corresponding to the outlook of the ceiling. The ceiling at the platform is made of vertical aluminum frames, forming figures with colour stripes at the edges, placed above the lamps along the axis of the station. Groups of stainless steel benches are placed around the lapms. Sloping metal panels framed with blue and green stripes are put on the walls of the platform. The main lighting fixture is installed into inclined milk-white panels, placed at both ends of the platform. In the concourses it is installed into the suspended ceilings. The concourses are lined with granite and aluminum plates, while the underpasses are implemented with mineral masonry, forming geometric shapes. The suspended ceilings are white, made of 30 cm components of Hunter Douglas type, longitudinally arranged with colored stripes. The entrances are lined with beige marble and polycarbonate arch-shaped coverings.

The architectural layout is created by arch. I. Stanishev and arch. Kr. Andreev. A draft, created by the same authors and put up to competitive procedure is serving as a base of the final design.

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