Sofiyska Sveta Gora metro station

Put into operation on April 2nd 2015.

Location and architectural design

Sofiyska Sveta Gora metro station is located in the industrial zone Gara Iskar north of the intersection of Nedelcho Bonchev and Podporuchik Yordan Todorov streets and ends at the intersection of Podp. Yordan Todorov and Vasil Zlatarev streets. It is situated above the ground, construction of a bridge type, and the bearing structural elements are located in the area between the two lanes of the streets.

The specific situational solution of the metro station requires visitors to access the platforms through transition bridges above the street lanes, one for each platform. For this reason each platform is equipped by a concourse situated on the covered glazed transition bgridge. The access of each concourse is provided from the corresponding pavement through a staircase and an escalator.

There is a covered lift to meet the requirements of a disabled access.

The total length of the metro station is 115 m.

Architectural design: Serafimovi studio.

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