Vardar metro station

Put into operation on January 28th 1998. 


The metro station is situated at the intersection between Tsaritsa Joana blvd. and Vardar str. in Zapaden Park residential quarter. It is located under the roadway of Tsaritsa Joana blvd. eastwards from the metro tunnel through the Zapaden Park.


The platform is of column type with two rows of columns, distanced 6 m longitudinally and transversally from each other and colored benches in the axis. The walls are lined with tempered glass in dark and orange-red color, with separate space for advertisements within. The ceiling is white colour with flat metal components, and ceramic flooring. The columns are lined with grey ceramic plates, similar to the flooring and they are framed with stainless steel angular profiles.

The architectural design is implemented on the basis of competitive design created by arch. A. Kazakov.

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