Vitosha metro station

Put into operation on 20th July 2016. 


Vitosha station is underground, 171 meters long and covers two key intersections in the capital city – Cherni Vrah boulevard with Srebarna street and Cherni Vrah with Todor Kableshkov boulevard. The metro station has side platforms – 105 meters long and 4.8 meters wide. There are two concourses – north and south ones. There are 6 entrances, 6 escalators and 7 elevators.


The interest of mountaineers to the station determines its design which is entirely inspired by the mountain and creates a sense of celebration of nature. The passengers on the platform are falling in minutes in the hills of the mountains through the three-dimensional effect achieved by the combination of natural stone in warm gray colour and the granite tiles in two shades of green – a bold and bright for close-ups and more dark and muted for distant forms. With colorful basalt mosaic tiles in the flooring are formed colorful glades.

Materials used are a combination of natural and artificial stone. The floors of both the concourse and the platform are made of colored granite tiles. The walls are a combination of granite, granite tiles and mineral coat. The ceiling is made of the composite material "etalbond" and colored mineral coat. The stairs are entirely made out of granite steps and railings from stainless steel glass. Impressive lightings adorn the platform.

Architect: Irena Delripanska.

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