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Stage II: Lot 1 - section of line 2 "Obelya RD-Nadezhda RD-Nadezhda Overpass" and lot 2 - section from Line 1 "Mladost 1 (MS 13) - Tsarigradsko shose blvd.with an underground parking lot"


Financing of Stage II which is included in the OP "Transport" was carried out by the grant from the Cohesion Fund - 200 million Euros and 20% local co-financing by the Sofia Municipality provided by a loan from the EIB.

The route of "Obelya RD - Nadezhda RD - Nadezhda Overpass" was defined as Lot 1 of Stage II of the Sofia Metro Extension Project due to the necessity to be provided a connection of the area funded by the OP "Transport" (Stage I), with the depot in Obelya area where the trains are being serviced and repaired, and also to provide a fast and efficient transport for Nadezhda, Svoboda, Tolstoy and Vrabnitsa residential districts with a total population of more than 120 thousand people.

In this view and the need for a parallel construction of this section together with the section of the route included in Stage I of the Project, Sofia Municipality has provided partial advanced funding for this and in 2010 has started the construction of the section "Obelya RD - Nadezhda RD - Nadezhda Overpass" (Fig. 1) with a length of 4.16 km, out of which 1.3 kilometers were opened - on overbridge and 2.86 kilometers underground. Three metro stations are underground, and the final is on an overbridge.

Fig. 5. Figure 5а shows the location of Lot 1 from Stage II in the urban planning, when Figure 5b. shows view of the reconstructed Lomsko Shose boulevard above the track of Lot 1

Fig. 6. Figure 6а. shows Han Kubrat station during the constrution phase. Figure 6b. shows a view of the already completed station


Fig. 7. Beli Dunav metro station

To satisfy the increased demand for efficient and safe transport of the population of the territories of the large residential discricts of Mladost and Duzhba located in the southeastern part of the city, in 2009 has began the construction of a section "Mladost I RD - Mladost III RD - Tsarigradsko Shose blvd.", which is part of the section from Mladost to Sofia Airport (Fig. 1) included in the OP "Transport" 2007-2013. It has a length of 2.5 km and 2 underground stations and represents Lot 2 of Stage II from the Project.

Fig. 8. Figure 8а. shows the location of Lot 2 of Stage ІІ in the urban planning, and figure 8бb. shows the MS Mladost III


Fig. 9. MS "Tsarigradsko Shose"

Construction of Lot 2 of Stage II, including the section "Mladost 1 RD - Tsarigradsko Shose blvd." has began in the spring of 2009 and has ended on 25.04.2012.

Construction of the two sections includes the construction of structures of the metro stations and tunnel sections, supply and installation of equipment of the management and operation system and rolling stock for the sections.

Equipment of the sections of Stage II is by the world's leading companies (Siemens, Balfour Beatty, Ericsson, etc.).

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