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Hadzi Dimitar Station

Put into operation on August 26, 2020.

The station is located under the southern lane of Vl. Vazov boulevard next to the residential district of the same name. It has a central concourse and has entrances to the south and north sidewalks of Vl. Vazov boulevard. The southern entrance reaches the main structure of the station. A curious detail of this station is that the northern entrance is reached by a pedestrian underpass passing under the Perlovska River (as in the stations Orlov Most and Teatralna) and the northern roadway of the boulevard. The station has side platforms. They are 105 m long and 4.5 m wide.

The architect is Konstantin Kosev. The architectural layout of the station includes two levels. On one of them is located the entrance hall and its ticket office, connected to the entrances of the station, located in the sidewalks on both sides of Vl. Vazov. The connection of the concourse level with the two side platforms on the platform level is made by two stairs, one escalator and one elevator on each platform. There are also elevators to the entrances which connect the concourse level with the surface. In this way, the station has 100% accessibility at all entrances and levels for disadvantaged people.

The proximity of the Perlovska River turns the station mostly blue. The architectural layout is solved by flooring of reinforced beige gres tile, the walls are lined with light beige and light blue gres tile, made in the form of inclined figures, framed by wide joints of etalbond.